What is Westbound?

       An epic adventure awaits. Westbound is the Tabletop Roleplaying Game of revolvers and rituals set in the fantasy wild west. Elf Cowboys and Ogre Spell-Slingers wander a vast western world while utilizing an intuitive D52 system for exploration and combat. 

    Every gun shot, skill checked, or spell sculpted revolves around the D52 system. Westbound only uses a standard deck of 52 cards, no dice or shot-clock required.
    Westbound was designed from the ground up expressly for Firearm combat, and includes a vast amount character options, an enterprising crafting system, and a fresh take on Magic and the Arcane. With 10 Sorts, 9 Breeds, 12 Archetypes, 10 Prestige Classes, 25 Subclasses, and over 60 Traits, you can create your one of a kind Westbounder.

Westbound D52

  Westbound uses a standard deck of cards for every gun shot, action checked, or spell sculpted. This system, also known as "D52," creates unpredictability and consistancy all at once, while allowing the suits to play special roles in every character's deck. Not only does D52 use cards for every action, but also to represent the characters fatigue from adventure and battle.
  Combat and adventuring with the D52 system is simple and intuitive. Each player draws a hand, and uses their hand for offence, defense, skill checks, sculpting spells, dodging bullets or taking quick shots.

Spell Sculpting

Spell Sculpting

Wild Magic

     Magic Users in Westbound conjure mana and fuse them together to craft reality warping spells. Spells are derived from mixing the four Mana sources together: Tradition, Fortitude, Grit and Luck. As magic users become more proficient in Spell Sculpting, they can fuse more and more mana together, creating vastly different spells with each combination.
    Mana is drawn from the aether, but Westbounders are never sure which mana they will draw. Magic Users must be dynamic to keep up with the ever changing winds of magic.

Gather your Arsenal

Collect and Craft

Build your Armory

       Build your armory of fantastic weapons and never be caught without the right tool at the right time. Unleash the eldritch fury of Arcane Implements, the deadly precision of Firearms and Dust Implements, the ferocious and adaptable Savage Weapons, and the exhausting beauty of Musical Implements
     Westbound has a versatile item creation system that allows you to craft the items that you want. Learn Blacksmithing and create deadly blades or customized ammunition. Study Alchemy and brew magic potions and salves. Become a Spell Scribe and design runes with spectacular properties. Master Tinkering and transform the mundane into the fantastic.

Welcome to the West


How to Play

  We've barely scratched the surface of everything Westbound has to offer. Learn more by downloading the free Westbound basic , or jump right in with the full-color Westbound game.

The Full-Color Westbound rulebook in hardcover and for digital download
Learn more about the basic gameplay you can expect from Westbound.
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