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Dust and Dragons

What is Westbound?

​​Westbound is a Fantasy-Western
Table-Top Role Playing Game, played with standard decks of 52 playing cards.

Who will you be out West?

  1. The Cowboy
    The Cowboy
  2. The Outlaw
    The Outlaw
  3. The Marshal
    The Marshal
  4. The Gambler
    The Gambler
  5. The Witch
    The Witch
  6. The Wizard
    The Wizard
  7. The Renegade
    The Renegade
  8. The Shaman
    The Shaman
  9. The Spell Slinger
    The Spell Slinger
  10. The Savage
    The Savage
  11. The Scout
    The Scout
  12. The Bard
    The Bard
  13. The Dust Knight
    The Dust Knight
  14. The Sorcerer
    The Sorcerer
  15. The Liberator
    The Liberator

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Krillo's Guide
To the West

You're not alone out there, partner. Between the Westbound Basics guide, the video tutorials, and o'l Krillo here, we've got plenty to support your first steps on the trails.
But if'n you still find yourself lost, come talk to us on our contact page, or on twitter .

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Download the Westb ound Basic

The Westbound Basic has everything you need to play Westbound. Try before you buy and go west faster than ever.

Denizens of the West​​

The west is filled with many strange and terrible creatures. Best to keep your eyes out for more than orcs bands.
Download the Westbound Basic to learn more about these exciting western monsters.
  1. Bandito Gecko
    Bandito Gecko
  2. Metal Mouth
    Metal Mouth
  3. Pearl Raptor
    Pearl Raptor
  4. Sallows
  5. Shattered Things
    Shattered Things
  1. Metal Mouth
    Metal Mouth
  2. Pearl Raptor
    Pearl Raptor
  3. Sallows
  4. Shattered Things
    Shattered Things
  5. Bandito Gecko
    Bandito Gecko
Harness your Source Suit
Each Sort has a source suit which grants them additional power. Every Westbound deck in our store is designed specifically for a Sort and includes their source power on each of their source suits.
Spotless Shamrock
Kite Shield ​​
Blistering Blast ​​
Shattered Heart ​​
The Spotless Shamrock allows its user to avoid damage through shear luck. Walk through combat unscathed as the Gambler, Outlaw, Witch, or Renegade.
The Kite Shield allows its user to absorb damage through willpower and fortitude. Become an unstoppable tank as the Savage, Renegade, Shaman, or Marshal.
The Shattered Heart allows its user to take advantage of their enemies and take additional attacks. Become the fastest gun in the west as the Cowboy, Marshal, Outlaw, or Spell Slinger.
The Blistering Blast allows its user to cast reality warping magic spells. Let the arcane torrent flow through you as the Wizard, Spell Slinger, Shaman, or Witch.

Westbound Quickstart

Lookin' to get west in a hurry?

The Westbound Quickstart
 can get you playing in
  under 5 minutes.

The Westbound Quick-start adventure.
Includes a basic run-down of the rules, designed to get you ready to play in just five minutes!
Comes with four pre-made characters for the players and an adventure module for the Game Master