Westbound D52 Basics

  Westbound uses a standard deck of cards for every gun shot, action checked, or spell sculpted. This system, also known as "D52," creates unpredictability and consistancy all at once, while allowing the suits to play special roles in every character's deck. Not only does D52 use cards for every action, but also to represent the characters fatigue from adventure and battle.
  Combat and adventuring with the D52 system is simple and intuitive. Each player draws a hand, and uses their hand for offence, defense, skill checks, sculpting spells, dodging bullets or taking quick shots.

Combat: Defence

  A character's defenses are called Foundation and Base Foundation.

   Base Foundation is a stack of Face Down cards that represent their health and tolerance for injury. When you take damage and have no Foundation, cards are discarded from this stack. If your stack is entirely discarded, your character becomes wounded.
  Foundation is your character's active defenses and their ability to avoid injury. Foundation is a stack of face up cards that lay on top of your Base Foundation. You can temporarily add cards to your Foundation stack by placing cards directly from your hand into the stack in a numerically sequential and descending order; the card at the top of the stack must always be one value lower than the card below it. When a character takes damage, they first discard cards from their Foundation before discarding from their Base Foundation.

Combat: Offence

  Characters attack by playing Sets of cards from their hand.
  A Set is a group of cards that are similar to each other, such as: a pair of cards of the same value, or five cards of the same suit. For each card played in a Set, the target takes damage. The goal of any battle is to force an opponent to discard their Base Foundation.

Adventuring: Checks

   When your character takes an action in the story, the Game Master may ask you to draw a card from your deck to Check if the action is successful. 
   When making checks you always want a higher value on the card, and your Game Master will tell you the result of the action based on what you draw for the check.

Adventuring: Exhaustion

  All cards used in checks, attacks, and discarded from Foundation are sent to the Discard Pile.
  When you run out of cards in your deck, your character becomes exhausted, and can no longer perform actions.


Who will you be?

  1. The Cowboy
    The Cowboy
  2. The Outlaw
    The Outlaw
  3. The Marshal
    The Marshal
  4. The Gambler
    The Gambler
  5. The Witch
    The Witch
  6. The Wizard
    The Wizard
  7. The Renegade
    The Renegade
  8. The Shaman
    The Shaman
  9. The Spell Slinger
    The Spell Slinger
  10. The Savage
    The Savage
  11. The Scout
    The Scout
  12. The Bard
    The Bard
  13. The Dust Knight
    The Dust Knight
  14. The Sorcerer
    The Sorcerer
  15. The Liberator
    The Liberator

  First Steps on the Trail

  That was the Essential Westbound gameplay! There are more rules, but these are all you need to get started.

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Who will you be?