In Westbound, we give you the tools to create your own unique Westbounder, with 10 Sorts, 9 Breeds, 12 Archetypes, 10 Prestige Classes, 25 Subclasses, and over 60 Traits, your Westbounder will be one of a kind.

Choose your Source Suit

Your source suit defines where most of your character's powers and abilities come from. Each Combination of Source Suits creates a new Sort with a new set of powers. 
​Click one of the symbols below to see your source suit.

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  1. The Shaman
    The Shaman
  2. The Marshal
    The Marshal
  3. The Renegade
    The Renegade
  4. The Savage
    The Savage
  1. The Outlaw
    The Outlaw
  2. The Cowboy
    The Cowboy
  3. The Marshal
    The Marshal
  4. Spell Slinger
    Spell Slinger
  1. Spell-Slinger
  2. The Witch
    The Witch
  3. The Wizard
    The Wizard
  4. The Shaman
    The Shaman
  1. The Outlaw
    The Outlaw
  2. The Gambler
    The Gambler
  3. The Witch
    The Witch
  4. The Renegade
    The Renegade
Represented by the Clubs suit, Luck is the intangible presence of good fortune which blesses a person with opulence, influence, and prosperity. Those who travel to the west may find unexpected fortunes, where chance, talent, and flattery take on an entirely  different meaning.

​Four Sorts share the Club Suit: the Fortuitous Gambler, the Dastardly Outlaw, the Destructive Renegade, and the Hateful Witch. Each of them are especially skilled, bringing a superior level of proficiency into every encounter.
Represented by the Hearts suit, Tradition is learned and long consolidated ways and customs, as well as magic, knowledge, rituals, study, and all connections to the old world. Those who travel west bring the traditions of their people with them, along with their magic, crafts, and suspicions.

Four Sorts share the Heart Suit: the Wondrous Wizard, the Mystical Shaman, the Hateful Witch, and the Mysterious Spell Slinger. Each of them are masters of magic implements, conjuring fire and fury into every conflict.
Represented by the Diamonds suit, Fortitude is the ancient connection to the soil, drawn out and culminated in instinct and ferocity. Those who travel west find the fortitude of the land waiting for them, with all its untamed, enduring brutality.

​Four Sorts share the Diamond Suit: the Relentless Savage, the Orderly Marshal, the Destructive Renegade, and the Mystical Shaman. Each of them are masters of savage weapons, tearing apart the battlefield in a flurry of iron and bone.
Represented by the Spades suit, Grit is the indomitable spirit which forms integrity and a strong will. Those who travel west will bring their courageous heart with them, or find it among the cruel desert which hungers to test their strength, discipline, and resolve.

  Four Sorts share the Spade Suit: the Honorable Cowboy, the Dastardly Outlaw, the Orderly Marshal, and the Mysterious Spell Slinger. Each of them are masters of firearms, sending a flurry of steel and dust into every battlefield.

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With its 10 Sorts, 8 Breeds, 12 Archetypes, and over 60 traits, your westbounder is a one of a kind force of nature.

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